Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More on Litter

The Fiji Times has a couple more articles about the litter problem. The first one, the city council states that the people are to blame. And while I agree that ultimately it is the residents who are doing the littering, perhaps the city council could come up with something more constructive than just blaming folks. I have seen nothing of the "clean-up campaign, [launched yesterday] which will end on Thursday next week" and imagine a sustained effort might be needed. The second article suggests that harsher enforcement of extant litter laws is needed. I agree that without enforcement, it might as well be legal to dump. In fact, there is a rubbish pile near my house that is not only right in front of a sign saying that it is illegal to dump, but also right next to the police post! As much as litter makes me crazy, I really don't think blame and harsh punishment are the ways to go about curbing the problem. At least not as the only parts of the plan. This AskMetaFilter discussion has some interesting ideas and anecdotes about litter in other cities.


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